MallVitally Rocking Kneeling Chair Review: I’m Saying Goodbye to Back & Hip Pain

Have you had enough of feeling exhausted and achy after work, slouching in your seat all day, with no reprieve in sight?

I am too! I went from 5 years of actively working as a dog walker in 4-season Chicago weather to a sedentary life attending graduate school and becoming a freelance writer.

Leaving an active job meant more hours with my “butt-in-seat”, which depleted my strength and overall energy levels.

So now I’m always looking for new ways to make my home office healthier and more enjoyable during long hours working at the computer screen.

I’ve tried walking desks, standing desks, and even an inflatable pillow to improve my posture and reduce back pain. I love them all, but the real trick is to periodically onboard new tools so that my body gets diversity during its at-home workday.

I’ve been curious about kneeling chairs as a way to engage my core and improve my overall posture while working and decided to take the plunge and see if it could improve my work-from-home environment.

I decided to try out the MallVitally rocking kneeling chair and see if it’s a good fit for my “healthy home office” routine. I thought the chair looked attractive, functional, and had a reasonable price point. So why not give it a whirl?

I’ll give you my firsthand account of the chair and let you know if it’s worth considering for your own workspace.

Let’s dive in!

Why Choose an Ergonomic Kneeling Chair?

You may be like me, mulling over whether or not a kneeling chair is the right investment for you or just another piece of furniture to take up space in your home.

The only way to make the right decision for you is by evaluating the benefits and deciding if they’re worth the cost.

Traditional office chairs can be comfortable for a while but can cause discomfort, back pain, and other issues over time. If you’re experiencing these issues, it may be time to consider a more ergonomic solution like a kneeling chair.

Studies show that ergonomic kneeling chairs offer several benefits over traditional office chairs such as improved posture, increased circulation, and improved core strength.

Kneeling chairs can even be a great option for those suffering from back pain or other posture-related issues. While there may be a bit of discomfort for some users upfront, with consistent use, these chairs can improve overall posture and reduce back pain over time.

The kneeling chair also benefits the body by avoiding a static posture and encouraging slight movement, as it is designed with a slight tilt and rocking motion. This allows the back and hips to move, improving comfort while avoiding the locked up feeling that standard office chairs create.

Now that we’ve discussed the potential benefits of an ergonomic kneeling chair, let’s review the MallVitally rocking kneeling chair to see if it’s worthy of a spot in your home office.

My Personal Experience: The MallVitally Rocking Kneeling Chair

And without further ado, here’s my two cents about the MallVitally Rocking Adjustable Kneeling chair, from unboxing to 3 weeks after utilizing it during my work days.

Setting the MallVitally Adjustable Kneeling Chair Up

Here’s a quick rundown of my experience setting up the kneeling chair:

Easy Quick Installation

When it comes to setting up the MallVitally Adjustable Kneeling Chair, at first glance, the unassembled pieces and image-only instructions can feel a little daunting. But fear not! As soon as I began piecing everything together, I found that setting up the chair was surprisingly easy and straightforward.

All Tools Included

Inside the kit, I found all the necessary tools and pieces, including four sturdy wooden pieces, as well as pads that looked both soft and durable. The chair pieces themselves felt sturdy and had a sleek, minimal design. The rounded edges gave the chair a modern look, while the fabric seemed like it would hold up well over time.

Setting Up the Adjustable Height

I must say that one of the best features of this chair is that it comes with three adjustable heights to choose from. But what’s even better is that making the adjustment is a simple process that requires no additional tools.

For the adjustments, you simply unscrew the knobs located on the sides of the kneeling section itself and move it up or down according to your preference. I was worried at first that the adjustment wouldn’t hold and would slide in and out of place, but it’s incredibly secure.

As someone who has sensitive knees, this was a huge relief for me.

With all the finishing touches in place, I sat on this adjustable kneeling chair and found that it lived up to the hype. The soft and supportive cushions fit my body perfectly and the sleek design had me feeling productive in no time at all.

Sitting On the Chair

Unlike a regular desk chair, the kneeling chair is slightly mobile and can rock back and forth, so I was slow and careful to mount it the first time. Once my knees were both secured on the kneeling pad and my tush was in the saddle chair, I actually felt very stable.

The chair design was surprisingly comfortable and allowed me to move around without feeling like I was going to tip over.

One of the first adjustments I noticed in my body was that my spine straightened, more space opened up in my abdomen, and my arms slightly and naturally opened up at the chest area. It’s as if maintaining posture was more natural in this kneeling position, a position I struggled to hold in a normal office chair.

Realizing I was going to have less strain to hold myself in the right position was a huge relief. With an office chair, I find that over time, my back and shoulders can tense up due to the lack of movement while sitting.

I was able to “shimmy” the chair forward and backward to adjust my distance to my desk pretty easily. And the movement felt good for my hips as well.

Here’s my partner in action on the chair:

The Kneeling Chair’s Impact Over Time

During my first session with the kneeling chair, I was able to sit on it for about an hour, but experienced some leg soreness afterward. However, after just one week of use, I could sit comfortably for several hours at a stretch.

And as time went on, I began to use the chair exclusively without needing to switch to a traditional chair, which was a big win for me.

I was also pleasantly surprised by how stable and safe I felt while using the chair. Earlier, I was a bit apprehensive about moving it and thought it might be unstable, but with time and practice, I gained enough confidence to move it around and work on it for long periods.

Here’s a summary of the benefits I experienced over my three weeks of testing this ergonomic rocking chair:

  • Less tension in the mid-back and chest area
  • More strength and flexion in the low back
  • More space in my stomach area (which felt a lot better after lunch breaks)
  • 80% reduction in hip pain (I have chronic hip pain triggered whenever I sit for longer than 30 minutes in the same position – it wasn’t triggered by the kneeling chair though!)

I would definitely say these benefits were significant and made a real difference in my work day.

You Can Squat On Kneeling Chairs Too

I love multi-use furniture and I was happy to find out that you can also squat on your adjustable-height kneeling chair. This is a great way to catch a break from the kneeling form while still contributing to your wellness since the deep squat is a well-known beneficial movement.

To squat on the kneeling chair, you simply place your feet on the kneeling section of the chair. Be very careful when you do this since the chair will slightly rock and wobble as you adjust. Definitely place one foot on at a time so it can stabilize the chair.

You’ll immediately feel the deep groin and leg and lower back muscle stretches when in this position. I would slightly lean forward to type on my computer which would deepen the stretch even more.

It was such a treat to lengthen and loosen my muscles while working instead of experiencing the tension I normally feel by sitting in a regular chair.

All in all, my experience with the kneeling chair has been very positive and I’d absolutely recommend it to anyone looking for an ergonomic way to stay comfortable while sitting. Not only did it improve my posture, but also helped ease my hip pain significantly.

It’s definitely worth a try!

And Do Ab Exercises

Want another way to utilize and maximize the benefit of this chair? Try doing abdominal exercises while sitting on it!

The kneeling position is a great way to engage your core muscles and strengthen them as well.

I started isometric ab exercises while sitting on the chair and was pleasantly surprised by how much more I could feel my core muscles engage in this position. It also helps with hip flexor strengthening which is great for overall posture.

I could definitely feel my hips, glutes, and abdomen burning when I did these exercises!

It’s a great way to get an extra workout and core strengthening in during your workday.

Issues with the MallVitally Kneeling Chair

In case you haven’t picked up on it yet, I was definitely a fan of this chair and experienced real and valuable results really quickly from using it. However, it’s important to mention where there’s room for improvement, as well as my thoughts on the criticisms other buyers have left in reviews.

Some Side-to-Side Wobbling

Although initially offering a good and deeper stretch, the MallVitally Kneeling Chair does present some issues with stability due to its movement from side to side.

While some users may appreciate the chair’s slight flexibility, others may find it to be an inconvenient or even tedious feature as they hope for a steadier experience.

Kneeling Pad Is Soft…But I Liked It Better with Extra Padding

The truth is, MallWitally offers high-quality padding for both the seat and kneeling section of the chair. However, for those who want to spend their entire workday kneeling, a thin pillow or a folded blanket can make the kneeling experience much more comfortable.

You can also rest your feet on the sides of the chair which takes the pressure off the shins, making it even more comfortable to sit on the chair for an extended period of time.

So Does MallVitally Make One of the Best Kneeling Chairs?

I must say, with a responding yes, that I was very impressed by this chair and what it offered in terms of comfort and ergonomic design.

The adjustable height is a great feature, as well as the rocking option which makes it easy to switch between sitting and kneeling positions. The padding was also comfortable enough that I didn’t experience any pressure points or discomfort after short or medium periods of use.

Aesthetically, I think it looks great in my home. When I tuck it under my kitchen table or office desk, it literally disappears, since It doesn’t have a chair back. This makes the chair a great option for those who enjoy a clean or minimal look in their home.

And finally, the ability to kneel or squat and extend my range of motion possible on the chair gave me a lot more mileage to find a good posture that felt comfortable for my body. When combined with my short walks on the UREVO treadmill, my body felt well-conditioned and it got me out of the slump I experience sitting in an average work chair all day.

The Complete Kneeling Chair Guide: Your Most Common Questions Answered

In order to feel confident in investing in a kneeling chair, you probably have a few additional questions about what to look for and how it might benefit you.

Here are some of the most common questions our readers ask when shopping for a kneeling chair:

Do chiropractors recommend kneeling chairs?

Yes, many chiropractors recommend the use of kneeling chairs to improve posture and reduce lower back strain. Kneeling chairs are designed to reduce the pressure on your spine by shifting your weight between your bottom and your shins.

This helps to keep your spine in a more natural position, which can help alleviate lower back pain.

What is the downside to kneeling chairs?

The main downside of using a kneeling chair is that it can be uncomfortable for some people. The angle of the seat can cause discomfort in the knees and ankles if you are not used to it.

Additionally, some people may find it difficult to maintain good posture while sitting in a kneeling chair due to its design.

Is it OK to use a kneeling chair all day?

It is generally not recommended to use a kneeling chair all day as it can lead to discomfort in the knees and ankles over time. However, extended periods of time with regular breaks is perfectly fine.

It’s best to alternate between sitting in a regular office chair and using a kneeling chair throughout the day for optimal comfort and health benefits.

Are kneeling chairs healthier?

Kneeling chairs can be beneficial for those who suffer from lower back pain or poor posture as they promote better spinal alignment and improved circulation.

However, they should only be used for short periods of time throughout the day as prolonged use may lead to discomfort in the knees and ankles.

What is the healthiest sitting position for knees?

The healthiest sitting position for your knees is one that keeps them bent at an angle of 90 degrees or less while keeping your feet flat on the floor or on a footrest. This helps keep your joints in their natural alignment, reducing strain on them over time.

Additionally, make sure that you take regular breaks throughout the day so that you do not remain seated for too long at once.

Are kneeling chairs good for your neck?

Kneeling chairs can help improve posture by pushing your hips forward which encourages better alignment of your neck and shoulders.

Keep in mind, if you have existing neck issues such as chronic pain or stiffness, it is best to consult with a doctor before using this type of chair as it may exacerbate these conditions depending on how severe they are.

Are kneeling chairs hard on your knees?

Kneeling chairs can be hard on your knees if used improperly or if you sit in them for too long without taking breaks throughout the day. To avoid this issue, make sure that you adjust the height of the seat so that it fits comfortably against your legs and take regular breaks from sitting in order to give your joints some relief from being bent at an angle all day long.

Which is better standing desk or kneeling chair?

The answer depends largely on personal preference as both standing desks and kneeling chairs offer different benefits when it comes to improving posture and reducing strain on certain parts of our bodies such as our necks, backs, and legs.

If you have existing neck or back issues then consulting with a doctor about which option would be best suited for you would be advised before making any decisions about which type of furniture would work best for you personally.

Are kneeling chairs good for your legs?

Kneeling chairs can provide relief from lower back pain by shifting weight off of our spines onto our thighs instead which helps reduce strain on our muscles and joints over time when used properly with regular breaks taken throughout each day spent working at home or in an office setting. Additionally, they also encourage better circulation due to their angled design which helps keep blood flowing freely through our bodies even while we sit down all day long!

Do physiotherapists recommend kneeling chairs?

Yes, many physiotherapists recommend using kneeing chairs due their ability to reduce strain on certain parts of our bodies such as our necks, backs, and legs while encouraging better circulation through their angled design when used correctly with regular breaks taken throughout each workday spent either at home or in an office setting!

Is kneeling better than sitting for your back?

Kneeling can be beneficial when trying to relieve lower back pain due its ability shift weight off of our spines onto our thighs instead which helps reduce strain over time when done correctly with regular breaks taken throughout each workday spent either at home or in an office setting.

You’ll want to supplement this practice with other exercises and activities that can help improve your posture and core strength to further reduce the risk for strain or discomfort in your back.

Features Cheat Sheet: MallVitally Kneeling Chair

Handle ScrewAdjust the cushion position and angle using screws; the iron piece protects the wood from damage, extending its lifespan.
Highly Breathable Cloth CoverGood breathability with strong moisture absorption and dissipation abilities; not easy to accumulate static electricity and dust.
High Density FoamThick sponge of about 2.75 inches making your legs and hips more comfortable.
Weight CapacityMaximum weight capacity of around 250 pounds which is suitable for normal use.
Kneeling Gear2
Hip Cushion Gear3
Product Weight17.64lb

The Bottom Line: MallVitally Kneeling Chair Review

All in all, I was very impressed with the MallVitally adjustable kneeling chair. It looked great, felt comfortable, and truly alieviated a handful of aches and pains caused by sitting in less-than-ideal work chairs.

I think this is a great chair for you if:

  • You have existing neck or back issues
  • During the work day you find your energy severely dipping
  • You’re looking for a way to improve your posture and reduce strain
  • You want to further tone your abs, obliques, and lower back muscles
  • You want to make a modest but not outrageous financial investment in your alignment
  • You want a chair that is adjustable for different users and easy to move around

If the above applies to you, then the MallVitally Kneeling Chair is definitely worth looking into. Try one out today here!

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