A Guide To Magical Herbs & Their Uses For Green Witch Beginners

The wisdom of magical herbs runs deep and can serve us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. These plants have developed their special qualities over thousands of years and all cultures in the history of humanity have used these plants as guides. By taking a look at the magical properties of herbs, we can expand their meaning beyond medicinal or decorative and create transformative experiences. 

Read on to learn about a few of my favorite magical herbs,  explore different preparations and uses of the plants, as well as powerful intentions you can align them with for potent results in your spiritual work. 

What Are Magical Herbs?

Magical herbs are preserved plants that can be used for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing and growth. Magic itself is defined as the act of influencing the course of events through mysterious or supernatural forces. Historically, the medicinal benefits of herbs were closely linked with the metaphysical ones. Prior to modern science, the healing properties of these plants must have seen quite mysterious and magical, without explanation.

In this way, magical herbs and a magical practice in general is a way in which we interact with forces we may not understand in order to achieve better clarity and resolution to our challenges and goals. 

While we are now able to understand the biochemical properties of herbs and know how their nutrients affect us when consumed, many still feel that a magical understanding of these plants provides a more holistic and intentional relationship with the healing journey. By using these plants ceremoniously, we reduce stress, increase focus, and cultivate gratitude for the gifts given to us directly from nature. 

Therefore a magical approach to herbalism can be a tremendously helpful tool for both psychologically minded and magically minded people alike. Ritualizing the use of herbs can help reinforce benefits and help one maintain a focus on outcome. 

What Ways Can We Use Magical Herbs?


One of the most common ways we consume herbs is through tea. This, in fact, is a ritual, even for those who don’t call it a magical practice! Perhaps someone enjoys a cup of chamomile tea before bed every evening. This act has intention (to calm the mind and prepare for sleep), ritual (the activity repeats every evening) and focus (the tea drinker consistently seeks chamomile for these benefits). 

Most herbs do well when made into a tea. Certain varieties will steep and be ready in a few minutes, while others may take much longer. You can also create an infusion by steeping your magical herbs overnight in the fridge. Be aware that many teas may become bitter with this long of a steeping time. 

This is one of the best communal uses for magical herbs, since teas are easily shared with others. They go great before, after, and during meals. They also serve as powerful potions during ceremony and ritual work. 


Magical baths are an excellent way to have an intimate ritual experience. Since the bath water is warm, your herbs will release their essential oils which will infuse and nourish your skin. It’s also common to add flowers, barks, and salts to an herbal bath to increase their potency and benefits. 

You can add your herbs loosely to your bath as you’re filling it up. If you prefer less mess and would also like to steep your herbs longer, consider warming up your herbs in a large pot on the stove and then straining and adding the liquid to your bath. Be careful and make sure to test the temperature of the bath when using this method. 


Purchasing or making an herb infused oil is a great way to take your magical herbs on the go and apply them whenever you want. This form is ideal for those who want the support of their herbs in the immediacy of an event, such as a first date or a job interview. It can also be helpful for those who are working on reversing chronic conditions, such as a mint oil that can provide energy that is used several times throughout the day. 

Here is a quick recipe for making an herbal body oil:

  1. Put your desired herbs in a quart jar. Make sure to leave a couple of inches of space in the jar so the herbs are adequately covered when you add your oil. 
  2. Fill your jar with oil and make sure to completely cover the herbs. You can use coconut oil, jojoba oil, rosehip seed oil, apricot oil, olive oil, and others as well. 
  3. Close the jar tightly and shake vigorously. 
  4. Place the jar in a sunny warm window and make sure to shake it at least once per day for 2 to 3 weeks. 
  5. On week 2 or 3, strain the oil using a fine mesh strainer or cheesecloth. 
  6. Pour your oil into a clean jar and label it. You may also add a few drops of vitamin E oil to extend its shelf life. 


Growing magical herbs leads to a deep connection and understanding of sacred plants. You can experience them in each phase of their lifespan and provide them with care. Many magical practices believe that a commitment and investment of care into your magical items will charge them and increase their benefits. 

You can grow your magical herbs both indoors and outdoors, which is helpful for those with varying climates and amounts of space. Your magical herb garden can be considered a living shrine or altar space and is one of the most rewarding uses of magical herbs.


Preserving herbs for decorative purposes is a great way to enjoy the beauty of these plants. You can hang fresh herbs upside down to preserve their delicate shapes and hang them around your room, or place them in a vase. You can also use them to decorate your shrine.

You can also dry your herbs by pressing them flat between books or other heavy objects. They can then be used as bookmarks, decoupage materials for journals and spell books, and much more.

Magical Herbs For Love


Rose has been a predominant plant in love spells and magical use. One way to use it is by creating or purchasing rose water. Spritzing this on yourself throughout the day, or sharing it with someone you love, can deepen bonds and personal connections. 

You can use 2 cups of fresh petals or half of a cup of dried petals and 3 cups of water. Boil the water until the color has mostly seeped out of the petals, which will take about 10 to 20 minutes. Hold an intention of love in your mind as you watch the petals and water boil. Let the water cool down once it’s complete and then strain the petals out. Put the remaining liquid in a spray bottle and keep it in the fridge to keep it fresh for a couple of weeks. 


The flowers of the hibiscus plant are often used for love spells and potions. The flowers that are more potent and red will have the strongest energy for your magical work. You can burn some hibiscus as incense, create a tea out of it, or add it to a small magical pouch to carry as a love charm. 

Bay Laurel

This herb is perfect for those looking to bring support to current relationships, rather than for those looking for new love. Bay leaves can help increase intimacy, communication, and can also protect against infidelity and excessive fighting. 

You can use a bay leaf in a fire ritual and ask for a clear outcome in your romantic relationship. Write your wish on one side of a bay leaf, light a small fire, and focus on your intention by repeating it a few times in your head. When you feel ready, release the leaf and place it into the fire, trusting that if your message was clear enough, it will come to be. 


This plant helps to attract emotional love, which can come from a lover, a friend, a family member, or a relationship with an animal. Combined with holly, it will make a powerful love charm that will bring romantic passion into your life. 

This herb is also helpful for a broken heart. Use jasmine in a shower by holding the blossoms in your hand and focusing on your loss as the water runs over you. You can also steep these flowers in a bath and soak in it and allow the painful emotions to flow out of you and release into the warm supportive water. 

Magical Herbs For Abundance


The allspice plant brings good luck into your life. Take 7 dried allspice berries and put them into your pocket or a small satchel or cloth and carry them around for 7 days. They will support you and attract prosperity for the course of the week. At the end of the week, place the berries in a small container of water to release the energy they have gathered, and make a personal wish for your abundance. You can then dispose of the berries by placing them outside. 


Basil is an herb that can bring prosperity and wealth into your home. It’s the perfect herb for those who want the power of a living plant bringing in abundance. You can place pots of basil next to your door or in window sills to invite wealth inside. 

You can also steep basil leaves in hot water and leave them there for three days, creating a powerful infusion. After three days, remove the leaves from the water and use the liquid to mop your entire house. This will amplify basil’s ability to bring in good luck and wealth. 


Cinnamon is a very powerful magical manifestor and is known as one of the strongest magical herbs for drawing money and resources into your life. It’s helpful for making big investments, negotiations, and forging new financial paths with courage and commitment. It also boosts the magical properties of other plants and makes a great additive to other plant based spells. 

You can sprinkle cinnamon powder or place a piece of cinnamon bark in doorways and windowsills to invite wealth into your home. You can also burn it as incense or add a stick of cinnamon to a satchel so you can bring it’s luck with you when making large money decisions outside of the home. 


Cloves can bring good luck and fortune to those who are making risky investments, gambling, or looking for success despite all odds. Cloves can also help you avoid slander and gossip on your path to wealth, and help ensure that you’re only surrounded by those with your best interests in mind. 

You can burn cloves as incense by placing them on top of a piece of charcoal. This will imbue your space with financial luck. You can also press the clove buds into a red candle and burn it for protection of your financial assets as well as protection from harmful individuals. 

Magical Herbs For Protection


Sage is one of the most popular and powerful protector plants that can ground your home, remove negativity, and heal grief. It has been historically associated with immortality, was chewed to improve memory and intelligence, and is also revered as a plant that promotes wisdom. Sage is also widely used to cleanse other magical tools such as gems and crystals. 

In short, sage provides you with all of the qualities needed to protect yourself and function as a self-sustaining individual. As a physical and metaphysical disinfectant, it also provides relief from unhealthy entities in the way of your wellness. You can smoke sage ceremoniously, place it under a pillow, burn it as incense, and grow it in or around your home to receive it’s benefits. 


Garlic is both magically and medicinally well known for its protective powers. You may be familiar with the mythology of garlic keeping vampires away. In magical terms, this plant helps to repel psychic vampires, those who take advantage of your emotional and physical resources. 

Garlic also helps to protect your crops, creative projects, and personal goals. You can hang dried garlic in doorways, hallways, and windowsills to protect the home. You can cook with it in your food to protect your inner and physical self. Hang garlic over an ill person’s bed for a speedy recovery. 

Cumin Seed

This seed is helpful when you need protection from adversities. When combined with frankincense, it is a very powerful negativity remover. In addition to protection from evil, these seeds are also known for ensuring fidelity in romantic relationships and marriages. 

Mix an equal amount of seeds with salt and pour the mixture around your home to deflect bad luck. Place cumin seeds near the bed or in a satchel that can be tucked under your pillow to protect your romantic relationship. 

Galangal Root

This root is very powerful for removing hexes, streaks of bad luck, and negative influences from your life. You can use it by boiling it and creating galangal water, steeping it in oils, drying and burning it as incense, or carrying it around in a satchel. 

Galangal is also known to keep away bad weather and natural disasters when carried outdoors, making it an ideal plant to take with you when travelling or working on a project outside. 

Magical Herbs For Health & Healing


Rosemary has been used to help improve memory, as an immune system booster, to promote hair and nail growth, as well as to relieve muscle pain. It is a powerful antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agent that can quicken the healing process for many ailments. 

You can use rosemary as a magical smudge by bundling and wrapping several sprigs of it together. You can also use it in your ritual bath and focus on your healing intention while you soak in the warm herbal water. Infusing it into an oil to use on your body or for culinary uses are also great ways to receive the benefits from this plant. 

Ginger Root

As a healing herb, ginger has been used to treat viruses, flu, inflammation, and nausea. It contains a substance called gingerol that is very high in antioxidants. In magical use, ginger boosts the strength of any other magical herbs you are working with. It also may overpower any delicate plants you are working with so make sure to focus on balancing any blends. 

Consuming ginger tea or chewing the raw root will also intensify your own energy which can contribute to the success of your spells. 

Since ginger is associated with fire, use it to create heat, energy, and momentum in your body or home. This powerful root is great for breaking through blockages caused by illness or emotional stagnation. 


The dandelion is associated with transformation and growth. This makes it a very supportive plant for rapid healing. They are resilient plants that can grow in even the poorest conditions and with magical use they will impart these resources to you as well. 

The entire dandelion plant can be used in your spell work as well as consumed. Dry the flowers and place them around your home to clear negativity from your home. Ceremoniously smoke the leaves as a way to promote deep inner healing as well as psychic awareness. Boil the root to drink as a potion, or grind any part of the plant to carry around in a protective sachet. 

Best Magical Herb Books

The Green Witch: Your Complete Guide To The Natural Magic Of Herbs, Flowers, Essential Oils, and More. 

This wonderful text is an inclusive introduction for those who are looking to work with nature and natural ephemera in their magical practices. It is written in a straight forward relaxed manner that will put beginners at ease. It also doesn’t focus on specific religious traditions but emphasizes mindfulness and meditation practices. 

There are many crafts in this book so you will find instructions for making your own broom, incense, perfumes, and medicines. If you’re a green witch and work with the elements, the local land, and all things green, then this text may be a perfect companion piece for your magical herbalism work. 

The Modern Witchcraft Guide to Magickal Herbs: Your Complete Guide to the Hidden Powers of Herbs

This book will guide you through using magical herbs in your divination, rituals, and spells. You’ll learn which herbs work best for different kinds of spells as well as how to activate or increase the potency of an herb. 

It also includes educational information on medicinal and culinary uses of each herb, giving you a holistic perspective on how to work with your plants. The author also explains the history and mythology surrounding various herbs in a conversational tone that will keep you curious while deepening your understanding of the origins of their magical traditions. 

Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs

This comprehensive guide covers the magical applications of 400 herbs and plants from everywhere in the world. It’s ideal for those who want a well-rounded education in plants that are best used with a natural magic practice. Each herb is paired with a beautiful illustration that can help you identify each plant.

While this book doesn’t include ready to go spells, it will thoroughly educate you on how to use each herb in a variety of ways as well as how to combine them. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to comfortably create hundreds of variations that are custom-tailored to your personal needs. 


By now you have a good idea of which magical herbs may be helpful to incorporate into your lifestyle. Diving deeper with one of the above mentioned books will help deepen your practice and transform it into an effortlessly intuitive journey. 

One of the best ways to decide which herbs work best for you is by spending time with them, observing them, and taking note of how they make you feel. Ultimately these substances are mirrors that respond to and reflect our very own experiences and emotions. This relationship is very important when making divine connections with sacred plants. 

Whether you identify as a green witch, an herbalist, a mindful homesteader, or something else, there is a perfect herbal fit out there for you! Let me know which herbs and magical practices are most supportive to you in the comments below. 

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