The 15 Best Homesteading Shows On TV + 5 Inspiring YouTube Channels

If you’re looking for TV shows about homesteading that are sure to inspire you and teach you a thing or two about self-sufficiency, look no further. These 15 homesteading shows are some of the best on TV, showcasing real-life homesteaders and their pursuit of a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle.

So get watching, and get ready to be inspired!

15 TV Shows About Homesteading To Watch

From fascinating fiction picks to educational documentaries, these are the best TV shows that offer a wide range of perspectives on homesteading.

1. Unplugged Nation

Ready for a stress detox? Switch off and relax with FYI’s series Unplugged Nation, guided by the off-the-grid guru and nature lover, Jay Gruen.

Watch as city-dwellers tempted by serene, self-sufficient living explore three distinct properties in America’s remote corners. Each episode offers a four-day trial of this unconventional lifestyle, complete with homegrown meals and power generation.

Will they choose to buy or hurry back to city life? Packed with handy tips, this series is your guide to mastering the ‘unplugged’ life.

2. Alaska: The Last Frontier

Dive into a world of survival and Alaskan adventure with Discovery Channel’s Alaska: The Last Frontier. This gripping series, boasting 11 seasons, takes you on a journey to Alaska’s untamed wilderness.

Here, the tenacious Kilcher family, spread across four generations, battles the harsh elements to sustain life on their 640-acre homestead.

From hunting and gardening to raising livestock and foraging, they rely solely on Mother Nature’s bounty for survival. It’s a testament to the enduring spirit of the pioneering Kilchers, who first claimed this land over 80 years ago.

3. Building Off The Grid

Building Off the Grid on Discovery Channel is a riveting portrayal of tenacity and self-reliance. This reality series introduces viewers to brave families who have chosen to live in America’s most remote regions, crafting self-sustaining homes from scratch.

The show spotlights their innovative efforts, from solar-powered dwellings to self-sufficient gardens. Each episode offers a captivating look into these pioneers’ lives, celebrating their determination to embrace a challenging lifestyle.

In essence, Building Off the Grid is a compelling tribute to the resilient human spirit and a must-watch for anyone intrigued by off-grid living.

4. Frontier

Frontier is a riveting Netflix series that’s sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Starring Jason Momoa, known for his role in Game of Thrones, it takes you into the wild, competitive world of the 18th-century Canadian fur trade.

It’s not your typical homesteading show, with its darker themes and exciting plot twists across three seasons. Outlaw trapper Declan Harp battles against the monopolistic Hudson’s Bay Company, weaving a thrilling tale of ambition, betrayal, and survival.

5. Sarah Off the Grid

Join designer extraordinaire, Sarah Robinson, and her family in Sarah Off the Grid. The show follows them as they embark on an exciting off-grid adventure to construct their dream home.

This isn’t just about survival, it’s about style and comfort too! With Sarah’s vibrant personality, a sprinkle of feminine charm, and cameos from HGTV stars like Mike Holmes, this show is a delightful blend of design, family, and sustainable living.

Buckle up for a fun-filled, off-the-grid journey like no other while you learn about homesteading from one of the best sustainable reality show options.

6. The Pioneer Woman

Meet Ree Drummond, the charming force behind The Pioneer Woman, a celebrated blog-turned-TV show on Food Network. Launched in 2006, her blog initially offered a glimpse into her ranch life in Oklahoma.

It quickly evolved to include mouthwatering recipes, complemented by exquisite food photography.

Now, through her show, Ree invites viewers into her world as she juggles family life, manages her ranch, and whips up delectable meals in her homesteading kitchen.

7. Barnwood Builders

Barnwood Builders on Magnolia Network is a delightful watch for anyone with an appreciation for the old made new again. This crew of skilled artisans breathes new life into forgotten barns and cabins, transforming them into stunning homes.

While it’s not strictly about homesteading, it’s a masterclass in repurposing with style.

Plus, Magnolia Network offers a buffet of other excellent shows about how to live off the land that homesteaders would love.

8. Homestead Rescue

Homestead Rescue on Discovery Channel is a must-watch for anyone dreaming of self-sufficiency. The Raney trio, Marty, Matt, and Misty, swoop in to save the day for newbie homesteaders struggling to live off the grid.

From erecting homes to rearing livestock, they cover it all, offering a raw look at the hurdles of self-sufficient living.

The show is an eye-opener for those dreaming of a simpler life, proving it’s not all sunshine and fresh veggies. Will these rookies stick it out or flee back to civilization? Each episode brings a new adventure and lessons on living close to nature.

9. Mountain Men

Mountain Men on History Channel is an adrenaline-fueled journey into the wilderness! It chronicles the lives of men braving America’s remote mountains, hunting, and foraging for their survival.

Witness the highs and lows of living in extreme conditions across 11 captivating seasons. This show is a riveting testament to human resilience, guaranteed to leave you awestruck and itching for your own adventure.

10. Tiny House Nation

Tiny House Nation is a big celebration of tiny living. Hosts John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin take you on an entertaining journey through America’s smallest homes.

Witness the magic of downsizing as more people opt for financial freedom and eco-friendly living. The show not only features amazing micro dwellings and their innovative residents but also helps families build their dream tiny homes. This entertaining show proves that sometimes less is definitely more.

11. Building Off the Grid: Big Sky Ranch

Dive into the adventurous world of Building Off the Grid: Big Sky Ranch for a slice of homesteading life. This spinoff takes you on a wild ride with the Smiths, a fascinating family building their dream ranch in Montana, all while parenting a toddler!

It’s less about the ‘how’ and more about the ‘who’, making it an intriguing character study. With six easily digestible 20-minute episodes from 2016, it’s a light-hearted binge-watch that’s over before you know it. Pure entertainment in a two-hour package.

12. Pioneer Quest: A Year in the Real West

Hop on the time machine with Pioneer Quest: A Year in the Real West, a charming series featuring two brave couples living the 1870s settler life. Despite its 2000 release, it still packs a punch.

Watch the Logies and Treadways navigate a year completely cut off from modern amenities, armed only with period-appropriate tech and grit. It’s a one-season, nine-episode journey into the past that’s perfect for those curious about off-grid living and history. A short but sweet binge-watch!

13. The Biggest Little Farm

Looking for an entertaining show that combines the thrill of adventure with the joys of homesteading? Say hello to The Biggest Little Farm.

This docu-film, though not technically a TV show, is one of the best homesteading films for its stunning cinematography and inspiring narrative. It chronicles the journey of John and Molly Chester, who bid goodbye to city life to embark on a homesteading journey on 200 acres of overworked farmland.

The film beautifully captures their transformation of the land into a thriving biodynamic farm, highlighting both the challenges and rewards of this lifestyle.

So, if you’re an aspiring homesteader or simply someone with an interest in homesteading, this is a must-watch.

14. Tiny House Hunting

Join the pint-sized revolution with Tiny House Hunting. This delightful reality TV series, aired on FYI, takes you on a fun-filled journey with elves seeking to embrace the tiny house movement. It’s all about downsizing, off-grid living, and homesteading at its best.

If you love “Tiny House Nation” and “Tiny House World”, this is another tiny treasure you won’t want to miss. Perfect for those who believe the best things come in small packages!

15. Good Eats

While Good Eats is technically categorized as a cooking show, it offers much more than just recipes. Host Alton Brown takes a scientific approach to cooking, diving into the history and science behind different ingredients and techniques.

He also explores the benefits of using fresh, locally sourced ingredients and even grows some of his own food in his backyard garden.

This show is perfect for those looking to learn more about the culinary aspects of homesteading. Plus, with over 250 episodes, there’s plenty of content to keep you entertained and informed on your specific homesteading journey.

Bonus: Best Homesteading Shows on YouTube

There are plenty of TV shows about homesteading to enjoy. But for those of you who love watching the best homesteading shows available on YouTube, here are some must-watch options.

Keeping It Dutch

Immerse yourself in the rustic charm of Keeping it Dutch, a YouTube channel that’s as hearty as a home-cooked meal. Eli, our city-slicker-turned-homesteader, serves up a feast of Dutch oven delights and smoking masterpieces.

Eli doesn’t shy away from sharing the gritty reality of homesteading life. So, for an honest, and enticing look at country living, let “Keeping it Dutch” be your guide!

Becky’s Homestead

Step into the world of Becky’s Homestead, a wholesome YouTube channel that’ll make you fall in love with the simple life.

From raising animals to growing her food, Becky is a one-woman powerhouse who even built her own cabin! With a treasure trove of homesteading wisdom to share, Becky’s channel is a must-visit for anyone bitten by the homesteading bug.

Morag Gamble

Venture into the verdant world of Morag Gamble’s YouTube channel, a treasure trove of permaculture and homesteading wisdom. that’s entertaining and calming to watch.

Her tranquil voice is a soothing soundtrack to practical videos, making learning feel like relaxation. Journey through her permaculture garden series, where you’ll discover unique gems like comfrey tea recipes, worm tower insights, and a whole series on edible flowers.

Plus, get involved with masterclasses, live streams, and interactive Q&A sessions.

My Little Homestead

Join the exciting rural adventure of My Little Homestead, a city family turned country connoisseurs who are living off-grid. Once novices, they now dish out wisdom on self-sustainability, from harnessing energy to cultivating organic produce.

Their journey is a testament to the power of the internet and a tribute to the age-old art of homesteading. If you’re craving a taste of the simple, healthy life, this family’s YouTube channel is a hearty serving of just that.

Our Half Acre Homestead

Step into the charm of Our Half Acre Homestead, a haven for those seeking a toxin-free lifestyle. Drawing inspiration from their forebears, this family has mastered the art of self-sustenance on just half an acre.

From raising homegrown food to preserving winter supplies, and even hunting their own meat, they’ve turned back time with their lifestyle. Join them as they prove that living organically isn’t a fad, it’s a fulfilling way of life.

Final Thoughts: Best Homesteading Shows on TV and YouTube

In 2023, the best TV shows about homesteading have become a popular way to learn about living off-grid, building your own homestead, and becoming self-sufficient.

Shows on Netflix, like ‘Mountain Men’ and ‘Homestead Rescue’, offer entertaining and educational glimpses into the lives of homesteaders, showcasing their skills in producing their own food, overcoming challenges, and maintaining self-sufficient setups.

Whether you’re an aspiring homesteader, urban homesteader, or just looking for an engaging watch, these shows offer a fascinating insight into a life lived with more purpose and connection to nature.

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