19 Unique Gifts for Plant Lovers & 6 0f The Best Plants to Gift

It’s not every day that you stumble across gifts for plant lovers in the store. This is why we have created this buying guide to help you find gifts perfect for people with green thumbs! Whether they like to grow plants indoors or out, and whether they prefer a tropical or temperate environment, we have gifts lined up for them. Read on to find out more about some of the best gifts for plant enthusiasts.

woman holding plant

Pressed Leaf Artwork

This gift is a frame…with nothing in it! Hear me out, your plant-loving friend will love this gift nonetheless. These frames are made of two planes of glass with brass edges and can hold pressed flower and leaf material. This is perfect for a plant fanatic because it’s a great way to preserve a plant from the garden or off of the hiking trail.

Plant Lady Candle Gift

This homemade candle has 50 burning hours and has a soft floral scent. This is a perfect gift for the plant person in your life that has everything and needs a small luxurious item as a treat. Each candle is homemade and hand-poured 100% soy wax.

Plants Get Me Socks

These cute casual socks are a perfect small gift or stocking stuffer for a plant enthusiast. They are lined with nylon and have a cozy cotton exterior. This company has a cause and donates 1% of the sales of each pair of socks to Doctors Without Borders. Customers state that the colors are vibrant and don’t fade, shrink, or bead in the wash.

Pair of Succulent Wine Glasses

These wine glasses are perfect for plant fans with a sense of humor and a love of wine. This set of two glasses comes in a cute ready-to-gift box. They each have a 15-ounce capacity and are dishwasher safe, making them easy to maintain and fun to use!

Succulent Stud Earrings

These adorable handmade succulent earrings are one of a kind. They’re made with durable polymer clay and the posts are hypoallergenic, so they should be gentle on all ears. They come in a ready-to-gift box and are a great value for a handmade plant gift. 

Crazy Plant Lady Hardcover Picture Book

This cute picture book is a wonderful celebration of the plant love lifestyle and is a perfect coffee table book for guests as well. It includes poignant puns, dreams, and mantras that are on theme for those who are devoted to their houseplants. The colorful and trendy art is illustrated by artist Isabel Serna. As an extra bonus, there’s a sheet of stickers in the book as well! 

Flower Box: 100 Postcards by 10 Artists

This gift is 100 in one! This perfect gift set includes 10 postcards by 10 different floral artists from all corners of the world. The art features images of wildflowers, ferns, roses, sunflowers, and succulents. This set cleverly allows the recipient to send “flowers” through the mail for the cost of just one stamp. A truly thoughtful note!

Scientific Botanicals Linen & Wood Scroll Wall Poster

Botanical art is a beautiful, high-end, and educational way to honor plants and specimens. This poster is a step above the rest and comes hang ready on a piece of linen with 2 wooden scrolls. It’s a great size at 38.25” by 30.24”. This gift is great for nature lovers who are looking for a little more home decor, or as a housewarming gift.

Plant Terrarium With Wooden Stand

This elegant wooden plant terrarium is great for a home office, living room, or kitchen. It can hold three clippings suspended in water. It’s 11 x 6 x 4 inches, a perfect size to accent any table. In addition to plant clippings, these are perfect vases for picked wildflowers.

Bonsai Plant Kit

This easy and unique growing kit will produce four beautiful indoor bonsai plants. Seeds are transferred in seed-safe vials which ensure that they will germinate and have a high growth success rate. Once these trees have grown, they can be transported to outdoor gardens as well. 

Sassy Stakes Funny Plant Markers

Does your plant-loving friend assign personalities to their plants? Then they will love these sassy stake markers that feature labels such as “drama queen”, “not a hugger”, and “#thirsty”. These make great standalone gifts as well as accents to living plant gifts.

Up The Moment Plant Lady Hat

Any gardening plant parent will understand the importance of a well-made cap to keep the sun out of their eyes while working out in the yard. This “plant lady” cap has an elegant cursive embroidery that adds a touch of class to a working hat. The front panel is made of 100% cotton twill and the two side and back panels are made of mesh polyester for good ventilation.

Moss Wall Decor

Moss walls are a vividly beautiful way to add a splash of color and life to home decor. This gift is a great alternative to a traditional house plant and is easy to maintain. This framed arrangement comes with accessories and hooks, so it will be easy for your gift recipient to hang. It’s also a nice size at 19.7” x 13.8”. Each one will be a one-of-a-kind arrangement and makes a perfectly unique gift.

Match A Leaf: A Tree Memory Game

This meditative and beautiful game can help any forest lover learn how to identify a variety of trees based on their leaves. There are also interesting facts written about each of the trees, submitted by the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew. 

Wooden Plant Stand

It can get tricky for plant owners to find counter and table space for their pots. This wooden plant stand is a perfect solution and can display at least 13 plants at once! It’s built onto wheels so it can be rolled in front of a window and moved to another space in the home depending on the plant’s needs. It also comes with 3 bonus gardening tools, which make perfect add-ons to round out your gift!

Air Plant Hanger & Dream Catcher

Plant Parent Coloring Book

Is your plant-loving friend creative? Then they will love this plant parent coloring book. This great compilation of plant images includes 64 images to color. There are facts and identifications on certain plants, and the illustrator also notes plants that are toxic to dogs and cats. 

Woodcut Memory Game

This beautiful contemplative table game features 26 woodcut prints from different trees, testing and teaching the users how to identify different rings. This artistic set is based on Bryan Nash Gill’s bestselling book “Woodcut” and provides a more immersive way to engage with the unique details and identity of plants. 

Rainbow Salad Indoor Garden

This indoor gardening starter kit is perfect for urban plant lovers who want some life and a pop of color in their homes. Since many leafy greens are tolerant of colder temperatures, these can successfully grow indoors during winter. A plant light or full-spectrum LED bulb will help them to grow quicker and more fully!

What To Gift Someone Who Loves Gardening?


If you know someone who loves gardening, there’s a good chance they have quite the green thumb. You’re sure to find gifts for plant lovers that suit their needs and lifestyle! They may appreciate gifts that help with their gardening work, gifts they can use in the garden itself, or gifts they can enjoy inside.

Gardeners usually spend their time outside so gifts of clothing or footwear are sometimes appreciated. Gardeners tend to enjoy reading and if they don’t already have a plant encyclopedia, it could be nice for them. They may also appreciate gifts that decorate their home with green plants!

It’s best to ask what the recipient wants because there is no one size fits all gift for

Start off by looking at what kind of gardener your friend is – are there specific plants they adore? Then you’ll be able to find gifts relating to those plants! Plant lovers may like gifts related to succulents, cacti, or other specific plants.

Next, go for gifts that help with the gardening work – this includes gifts like gloves, a trowel, seed packets, and an herb garden kit. Plant lovers may also enjoy gifts related to their physical wellbeing- such as comfort items they can use inside while tending to their plants outside!

If you’re looking for gifts that can be enjoyed inside and outside, look for gifts related to plants! You could get a plant terrarium kit, sun catcher, or planter – then you’ll have the gift of greenery all year long.

What Do Plant Lovers Need?

There are many practical gifts for plant lovers that they can use in their gardening work, gifts related to wellness, and gifts that will bring the green indoors. Here is a list of items that every plant lover will always need:

  • gloves
  • a trowel or shovel
  • seed packets 
  • garden gifts with greenery
  • a plant hat or gardening shirt
  • plant mister
  • grow lights
  • a gift certificate for a local plant nursery

What Should I Get My Plant Loving Mom?

If your mom loves plants, there are plenty of gifts for plant lovers that will put a smile on her face. Here are a couple of gift ideas specifically for your mother:

Mom’s Garden Stepping Stone

Plant Mom T-Shirt

Plant Mom Mug

Best Plant Gifts

Giving actual plants is a great gift idea for plant enthusiasts! These individuals can’t get enough of fresh life and greenery in and around their homes. Here are some good ideas for the best plant gifts to give your loved ones:

Succulent gifts


Succulents are great gifts because they are low maintenance and they come in so many different colors. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes too! Since these are low-maintenance gifts, they are perfect for people who have a stressful or busy lifestyle. Some great varieties of succulents include aloe vera, jade, echeveria, and aeonium. Here are some excellent succulent pots that can make your gift even more special. 

Cactus gifts

three cacti

Cacti gifts are also a great idea. You can get small, medium or large plants depending on your recipient and your budget. In order to take care of a cactus, it is best to put it in an area with lots of light. You should also make sure the soil stays moist, but not too wet!

Some popular varieties of this plant include prickly pear cactus, cholla cactus, and barrel cacti.

Hydrangea gifts

purple and blue flowers

Hydrangea gifts are a great idea and these plants bloom all summer long! To care for this plant well, make sure to keep the soil moist – not too wet or dry. You should also prune the plant once a year to keep it healthy and happy.

Moss gifts


If you want your plant gift recipient to have an additional element of green in their home, consider moss gifts! These plants are very low maintenance. To take care of this type of plant, simply mist it every few days or so with water–less frequently than you would with other types of plants.

Herb garden kit gifts

indoor seed kit

Herb garden gifts are great gifts for plant lovers. These kits come with everything you’ll need to start your own herb garden! All you will need is a sunny spot and some soil, fertilizer (optional), and an herb container or pot. Here is a great article with my top recommendations for indoor herb garden kits

Potted air plants gifts

air plant

If you want to give a plant as a gift but don’t know how green their thumb is, consider gifts that come with air plants. These types of gifts come in all shapes and sizes so they are perfect for anyone! Air plants need little water or care – just mist them occasionally. You should also put the pot near some natural light, but not in direct sunlight.

Final Thoughts:

When you’re looking for gifts to give your loved ones or family members who are plant lovers, consider one of the many ideas listed in this article. These gifts will be perfect for anyone with a green thumb!

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