5 Best Juicing Books For 5 Juicing Goals

Let me say: I love my juicer so much! And without the best juicing books by my side for support, I would have been stuck in the same patterns of making a glass of celery or orange juice here or there. But by taking the time to learn about how different nutrients and whole food alchemically work together, I’ve been able to get a lot more value out of my juice, and my energy levels definitely reflect the upgrade.

Juicing is one of the best ways to get more nutrients from vegetables and fruits into your daily diet. Juices have concentrated amounts of minerals and vitamins and allow us to get our daily recommended serving without having to eat pounds of plants.

One way to make sure that your juicing habit is sustainable is by having a wide variety of recipes that you can regularly switch through throughout the week or month. Below we have reviewed some of the most comprehensive, educational, and easy-to-use best juicing books for you to get started with today. 

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The Juicing Bible 

This book is perfect for beginners because it provides a foundational framework explaining how juicing connects to the path of wellness. There are educational sections to this book that will tell you about how seven specific body systems respond to and require certain nutrients. It also elaborates on how to naturally prevent and even reverse 80 common ailments with the use of healthy foods. 

It will also provide you with over 128 illustrations and photos of vegetables, fruits, and herbs to get you caught up on the nutritional basics for a wide variety of produce. 

This juicing book has over 350 recipes for juices and also shares recipes for cleansing shots, smoothies, and tonics, teas, and frozen treats if you’re looking to expand your healthy beverage repertoire. Ingredients range from common to less well known, allowing you to create easy juices or to experiment with intermediate produce. 

The Reboot With Joe Juice Diet 

This book was written by Joe Cross, who is well known for his award winning documentary “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead”. This documentary was very influential and has contributed to the mainstream popularity of juicing. He believes that juices can reset and replenish the body’s system and many auto-immune conditions, including obesity. 

This book provides a structured approach to weight loss and healthy living with 3, 5, 10, 15, and 30 day juicing plans. To keep you motivated on your path, Joe Cross has included success stories from individuals who have seen extraordinary results from the juice reboot program. Many readers also feel that the plans are easily adjustable if you would like to drink simpler juices or drink juice less frequently. 

The Juicing Companion

This book works a bit differently than a traditional recipe book. You can choose a certain ingredient you want to use and find the item page in the book, organized in alphabetical order. On that page, you’ll find nutritional information, pairings, recipe ideas. 

This book is great for those who have some experience with juicing and want to step to the next level and make their own blends. It’s also great for those who know exactly which fruits and vegetables they would like to juice and want to be able to specifically work with that produce. 

This juicing book is also a great purchase for someone who is looking into commercially selling juice and wants to have a guiding text that can help with recipe experimentation and creation. The book was created by chef Ari Sexner, who is a well known name in the world of cold-press juicing, and an excellent advocate for juicing entrepreneurs. 

It’s also a great way to focus on produce that is in season, which can maximize your financial savings, impact on the environment, and provides you with the most nutrient dense plants possible. 

Juicing, Fasting, & Detoxing For Life

This book focuses on detoxing the body through juicing. It has a holistic approach and focuses on removing physical, emotional, and mental toxins. It also focuses on the cleansing of the liver, kidney, and colon so you can get your detoxifying organs to their highest level of performance. 

These recipes are not for those looking for high sugar or treat-based juices, and focus on high-nutrient plants. It may take some juicers a while for their pallets to adjust to these less sweet concoctions. 

This book is also great for those who want to learn which foods are richest in nutrients, so they know that they are always making the healthiest produce choices for juicing. Many owners report experiencing less bloating, clearer skin, higher energy levels, and lower pain and inflammation. 

Juicing And Pulp Recipes

This juicing book stands out from the rest because it provides you with creative and helpful ideas for using the leftover pulp from your juice. The author also focuses on providing you with some useful tips for quicker, cleaner, and easier juice making, which can make the experience a lot more fun. 

In addition to traditional juice recipes, you’ll find recipes for soups, salads, snacks, main dishes, and even dog treats in this text. You’ll learn how to make protein balls, and even a chocolate cake!

This book is good for those who are interested in creating less waste in the juicing process as well as for those who want to save more money by utilizing more of their produce. All of the plant’s fiber remains in the juice pulp as well, so using the pulp recipes will help you to add this dietary supplement to your diet. 

What Are Your Goals?

When choosing the best juicing books for your kitchen, you’ll want to decide which factors matter most to you. Here are three considerations:

Variety of Recipes

You probably have a good idea of what you’ll want to be juicing and have some favorite fruits and vegetables that you’d like to use. Juicing can be that simple, it can be a one ingredient drink! Perhaps you want to see what else you can blend your favorite fruits and vegetables with. Perhaps you want to learn how to work with and take advantage of new produce that you’re less familiar with. There’s a wide range of recipe books that can provide you with 100s of recipes or even focus on a single plant!

Ease Of Use

Recipes are meant to make life easier. Make sure to read consumer reviews and see whether or not the recipes are complicated to execute. A more challenging recipe may call for uncommon ingredients that you may not have on hand, or may be unclear about the details, frustrating beginner juicers.

You’ll also want to make sure the book itself is easy to navigate, with clear organization, large readable font, and a binding that holds up well and leaves the pages easily open when you’re in the middle of a recipe. 

Educational Value

In addition to making delicious fresh juice, many purchase recipe books to further learn about the juicing process as well as the nutritional content in their drinks, Make sure to buy a book that is tailored for your specific needs, such as one that focuses on juice fasts, weight loss, or disease prevention, which are more likely to expand on specific benefits and facts you’re looking to learn about.

What Juicing Benefits Are You Looking For?

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The juicing book you choose may depend on which benefits it highlights. Here are some common benefits of juicing: 

  • Juicing can give you more free time, especially if you can prepare your juice the day before and grab a portion as needed.
  • Juicing can save you a lot of money when you switch from purchasing a daily cup to making your own. It can save you over $10 dollars each day!
  • It makes it easy to add variety to your diet. One of the easiest ways to maintain a healthy diet is by eating a diversity of plants. Juicers make it easy to try different fruits and vegetables without needing to learn complex recipes.
  • Juicing promotes weight loss, especially when used in combination with detoxing or juice fasting.  
  • Juicing is a great way to get kids to eat their veggies. Parents or caretakers can easily cover up the flavor of vegetables by making clever tasty juice blends that add a little additional fruit. 

Types Of Juicing Books

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  • Juicing Books Written By Juice Businesses: It can be helpful to purchase a juice company or manufacturer’s recipe book for several reasons. Perhaps they are a brand that you trust and have enjoyed recipe collections from before. Or perhaps you own a specific juicer and you would like a book that tells you exactly how to use it. 
  • Juicing For Losing Weight: These books will provide you with the info you need to understand the calories and nutrient density in your juice. They will likely focus more on vegetable juices to keep sugar content down.
  • Juicing To Prevent Disease: These books will focus on antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that can be found in your juice so that you can maximize nutrient density. They will also educate you on the healthiest selections of fruits and vegetables for juicing.
  • Juicing Books For Detoxing & Fasting: Juice fasts and detoxes are a special category of juicing that you only follow for a few days to a week. Using juice in this way will help you to release toxins, salt, excess water, and much more from the body. These juicing books will provide you with a path for a full body reset. 


As you can see, your juicing journey can be customized to serve your specific wellness goals. These recipe books will give you a good foundation in the world of juicing while educating you on different produce and combinations as well. Most importantly, these books will help you to find your favorite juices that will keep you feeling healthy and happy in the long term.

Which cookbooks in your homesteading library are the best juicing books? Let me know which ones you find the most valuable in the comments below! 

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