Best Kitchen Timer For The Modern Homesteader: On Time and In Style

When looking for the best kitchen timer, it’s important to find a modern, accurate, and easy-to-use model that will make cooking and baking a breeze. You may be interested in a retro kitchen timer with analog features. You may be looking for the loudest kitchen timer so that you can hear it from any room as you multitask. In our top 7 picks, you’ll find the best option for your homestead no matter what your home cooking needs are. 

*If you’re in a hurry, I’d recommend the VOCOO Digital Magnetic Kitchen Timer. This contemporary simple timer will match in anyone’s kitchen and provides a big bright display that can be seen from far away. The timer’s magnetic backing also makes it easy to stick this kitchen timer onto multiple surfaces in your home. 

Our Favorite Kitchen Timers For The Modern Homesteader

Kitchen timer sitting on a counter

VOCOO Digital Magnetic Kitchen Timer

Best All-Around Digital Kitchen Timer

This sleek modern timer is easy to set but also comes with a few customizations so you can set it up perfectly for your cooking needs. To set this timer, simply spin the external dial and the LED display will adjust and begin a countdown. You can adjust the brightness of the display by toggling between bright mode and eco mode. The timer will enter a power-saving mode after 5 minutes to preserve battery life, but is still visible to the chef. 

There are also three volume settings: loud, soft, and mute. While loud may work great for a busy family where it’s challenging to hear alarms, the soft setting may be perfect for a dinner party. The mute option will work great in very quiet environments where you’ll just need the LED to track your time. 

This timer is made with a sturdy long-lasting ABS material and is also magnetic, making it easy for sticking it up on your appliances. It also has two non-slip silicon backings so that you avoid any risk of it falling out of sight. 

Time Timer 90 Minute Digital Countdown Clock

Best Kitchen Timer Display

The time timer has a visual disk that can be monitored as time elapses. The disc will gradually disappear so you can see how much time is let at a glance, versus, mathematically subtracting the amount of time left. This is great for children who are learning how to read a clock and can more easily understand the time remaining with this simple visual cue. 

This timer easily adheres to metallic surfaces due to it’s strong magnetic backing. This timer can be paused without losing timed duration in case there is a change of plan in your kitchen. The timer bell will sound for one minute continuously or until you manually turn it off. This alarm does not have various sound settings so it’s not the best for a sound-sensitive or highly quiet environment. 

Zassenhaus Magnetic 55 Minute Retro Timer

Best Retro Kitchen Timer

This adorable kitchen timer comes in 11 bright colors so you can choose the perfect design to match your home decor. Zassenhaus has been creating kitchen appliances for over 150 years and has established itself as a reliable brand for timeless kitchen pieces. 

This retro timer is made out of steel and contains a strong built-in magnet for easy attachment on any metal surface. To set it, simply turn it clockwise until the dial lands on your desired cooking time. 

The ticking sound on this device is quiet but audible. The alarm ring is a loud clear bell sound that is further amplified when it’s magnetized to an appliance surface. No batteries are needed for this model so you can use it anywhere without worrying about its power capacity. 

Kikkerland Vintage Streamline Kitchen Timer

Best Vintage Kitchen Timer

For those looking for a sturdy reliable vintage timer that doesn’t need to be magnetized to an appliance, the Kikkerland timer is a great choice. It’s sturdy for it’s size and the timer face is protected by glass so the numbers won’t wear off over time. 

The bell is not as loud as others in this list. It will chime for approximately 3 to 4 seconds and turn itself off so make sure that you’re in the kitchen when using this device. Since this is an analog kitchen timer, you’ll need to turn the chrome ring clockwise to 55 minutes, then counterclockwise to set to your desired time.

Assembly is required for this model and it’s available in light blue and apple red. 

JTX Cute Kitchen Timer

Best Stylish Timer For Gifting

This cute kitchen timer comes in three different styles and will stand out as a stylish choice over a more traditional timer. It’s an excellent value for the price, making it the perfect gift or stocking stuffer for a cooking enthusiast. It’s also a great option for children since it is easy to use and set. It’s made of sturdy plastic with a smooth matte finish and measures 2.4” x 3.7” x 4”. 

This timer is as loud as a telephone landline, providing a medium sound. The alarm noise will cease after a few seconds since this is not a battery-operated device. When setting this timer you’ll have to turn it clockwise to 55 mins first and then counterclockwise to the actual amount of time you need. 

Taylor Precision Four-Event Digital Timer With Whiteboard

Best Multi-Function Timer

You’re having a dinner party this evening. You have one dish in the oven with another on the stovetop. You’re also hoping to fit in a quick twenty-minute workout as these dishes cook. How is it possible to keep track of all of these individual tasks? By using the Precision four-event digital timer! This small but mighty timer is able to track up to four different tasks at once, as long as 23 hours and 59 minutes in length. 

It also comes with a handy whiteboard and pen so you can keep track of each alarm easily. This whiteboard feature is also helpful for families who want to leave notes or instructions for each other in regards to set alarms. 

This timer has multiple mounting items so you can have it up and out of the way or resting on a kickstand on the kitchen counter. It runs on two AAA batteries which are included with your purchase. It has a loud timer that owners claim can be heard throughout the house. There is also a continuous counting feature and after the timer does off the device will keep counting so you can know exactly how much time has passed if you’re a little late into the kitchen. 

YOOYIST 4 Channel Commercial Kitchen Timer

Best Commercial Kitchen Timer

This commercial kitchen timer is perfect for both the professional and personal chef. Its loud timer will keep you focused on your dishes in the noisiest and busiest of environments, and can be adjusted to accommodate a laid-back kitchen environment as well. Its stainless steel facade is designed for heavy and messy use so that you don’t need to wash your hands every time you handle it. 

There are 4 countdown displays on this device that can be used simultaneously for cooking multiple dishes or other activities you’d like to time while cooking. If you’re using this timer to cook the same dishes multiple times, it will remember your previous time setting on all 4 displays so you don’t have to reset it over and over again. You can also toggle between a “minute” and “hour” mode for a faster and easier time setting the clock.

Although this timer isn’t magnetic, it can be mounted to various surfaces with a bracket. This timer comes with a plug so you don’t have to worry about battery replacement or the energy life of the unit. 

The manufacturer offers a complimentary one-year warranty for this product. Make sure to hold on to your order ID so you can contact them directly to replace your item if there are any problems. 

How To Choose The Best Kitchen Timer

Person setting a kitchen timer


Making sure your kitchen timer matches your kitchen decor will unify the look of your home, making for a much more calm and organized experience in the kitchen. Those who enjoy retro kitchen timers and vintage kitchen timers can attest that these nostalgic models often remind them of cooking and baking with older family members, helping to enhance the importance of the culinary experience.

You can find kitchen timers in both digital and analog styles. A digital timer will require a plug or batteries, while an analog version won’t need anything to power it up. There are smaller models that work better for compact kitchens, as well as larger ones that are easy to read from across a room. 

Make sure to choose a timeless model or something that excites you when selecting a kitchen timer, to make sure that you’ll love it for many years to come and it will be a perfect match in your home. 


Kitchen timers are relatively affordable and it’s quite easy to find one for under $20. The most affordable models can be found for as low as $5. Sturdier and more professional timer models can range from $30 – $60 and have many additional features as well as sturdier casings. 


Some kitchen timers can only track up to an hour of activity, while others have 24-hour capabilities. You’ll also want to make sure you have enough timers on your device. You can have one, two, three, four, eight, or even ten timers going at once on certain devices! This could be helpful if you typically cook many dishes at once and don’t want them to slip your mind.


Kitchen timers are a well-known tool that still have a lot of functionality in the home. Make sure to choose one that looks great, can handle the type of cooking your planning on doing, and is a good value for the price. Let me know how these 7 best kitchen timer suggestions work for you in the comments below!

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