Compostable Trash Bags: The Best Waste Solution for Your Green Home

Compostable trash bags are a sustainable and eco-friendly solution to the problem of waste. These trash bags work with your green initiatives by providing an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastic garbage bags.

The best compostable trash bags are made from plant fiber, corn starch, and natural oils such as cottonseed oil or sunflower seed oil. These bags break down in as little as 90 days, so they don’t add to landfills and have a minimal environmental footprint.

Here are our top 5 choices for the best compostable trash bags if you’re looking for a sustainable and eco-friendly solution in your kitchen.

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STOUT by Envision Compostable Bags, 30 Gallons

The Stout by Envision Compostable Trash Bags are a great product to have if you want a sustainable and eco-friendly solution in your kitchen. The bags are made from plant fiber, corn starch, and natural oils such as cottonseed oil or sunflower seed oil.

These are the largest bags on this list and can hold a whopping 30 gallons of material. Customers say that these bags are strong and can easily carry up to a week’s worth of trash without any leakage or tears.

These trash bags break down in as little as 90 days, so they don’t add to landfills and have a minimal environmental footprint. The bags abides by the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) standard D6400, ensuring that it is made from compostable plastics that biodegrade at a rate comparable to compostable materials in municipal and industrial composting facilities. It’s also certified by the U.S. Composting Council.

Envision is a part of the AbilityOne Program, a government initiative that employs blind and visually impaired individuals.

Aircover Biodegradable Trash Bags 8-12 Gallons

Aircover biodegradable trash bags boast being some of the strongest on the market. The manufacturer guarantees that they can hold at least 66 pounds of material without any tearing or leaking. They have also designed these bags to be rip-resistant, and they won’t start decomposing due to food scraps, grease, or liquid.

The ECM technology used for this particular product does not add any toxic substances to the environment. The plastic is made of natural materials and allows polyethylene to degrade into water and carbon dioxide in a natural environment.

Due to their durability, these bags take longer to dissolve. They can take up to two years to break down.

One nice benefit about these bags is that they come with a cinch handle, something that is rare when it comes to compostable trash bags. This allows you to more easily close and carry the bag to your trashcan.

Bag To Nature Compostable Tall Kitchen Bags, 13 Gallons

Most compostable trash bags offer a temporary solution to garbage and waste problems with food. The problem is that the bag can tear, leak, and end up in landfills eventually anyways.

Bag-To-Nature compost bags are designed for those who have access to municipal composting, which most people don’t have easy access to these days. Compostable trash bags like these are designed so that you collect your kitchen waste as normal with the bag. Once you’ve gotten your bin filled up, pull this out and tie the corners before dropping it in the municipal bin.

They are an excellent deal and cost approximately 55 cents a bag, lower than most other compostable bags. If these kitchen-sized bags aren’t for you, this manufacturer carries many other sizes that can be used as cart liners, leaf bags, yard waste bags, and small office bags.

Heavy Duty 100% Compostable & Biodegradable Trash Bags, 13 Gallons

These super thick kitchen and compost bags are 1.25 ml thick and can handle large heavy loads of trash. The manufacturer is BPI & OK Compost HOME Certified so you can rest assured that they will decompose fully and quickly in a compost pile or landfill.

They are made from cornstarch and break down easily with water and carbon dioxide exposure. It’s important to use these bags within one year of purchase and to store them in a dry cool space to make sure you don’t speed up their decomposition process.

UNNI ASTM D6400 100% Compostable Trash Bags, 2.6 Gallons

These bags are the smallest on the list and are a perfect replacement for anything you would use a traditional plastic bag for. This will help you cut down on plastic usage beyond your traditional kitchen bag.

The Unni is a 100% compostable small kitchen sack and compactor bag that is an excellent choice when you have needs under 13. gallons. It provides a sustainable option to the typical plastic bags that can’t be made from renewable resources and are usually not biodegradable.

The Unni breaks down easily, though please avoid sharp objects because it’s more delicate than standard plastic bags. It has BPI-, ASTM D6400- OK Compost home, and TUV credentials appropriate for use throughout municipal and industrial buildings. They are also available in 2.6-3-4 and 8 liters ratings that earn a high durability rating.

Are compostable bags environmentally friendly?

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One of the great things about compostable bags is that they are sustainable and environmentally friendly. They’re made from materials such as cornstarch, which means there’s a lot less pollution involved in the manufacturing process compared to producing standard plastic products.

Additionally, these waste bags decompose easily when exposed to water and carbon dioxide so you don’t have to worry about them taking up space in the landfill.

What’s more, compostable bags make great alternatives for any product that is typically packaged with plastic–think chips and other snacks you buy at a convenience store! You can also use these bags as trash liner waste bags for your home or office because they’re sturdy enough to hold large amounts of trash.

How quickly do compostable bags break down?

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The average time for a thin compost bag to break down is between 90 days and one year. In contrast, thicker plastic bags made with conventional materials can take up to a century to decompose. 

When compostable bags break down, they leave behind small carbon fragments that can be used for biofuel and fertilizer. Composting is a process of decomposition in which organic materials are converted into humus or nutrient-rich soil. The Rodale Institute found that the amount of time it takes to fully degrade a bag varies depending on the thickness of the bag, as well as the type and variety of compost it is placed in.

The breakdown time for a compostable bag varies depending on the type of organic materials it is placed in. In general, composters can place more than one kind of material into their pile at once and still have a successful outcome – as long as they maintain the right mix of carbon to nitrogen ratios. Compost piles with too much carbon (like wood) without enough nitrogen (like green plants) will not break down correctly.

The composting process also requires a healthy population of different microbes to do their work, which is why it’s important for the soil and organic materials in compost piles to be mixed together consistently with a turning device like a pitchfork or shovel so that air can reach all the way to the bottom of piles and help with aerobic decomposition.

What makes a compostable bag different from other trash bags?

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Compostable bags are different from other trash bags because they’re made from renewable materials such as corn. This means that you can use these products for a long period of time without producing harmful waste and pollution–perfect if you want to reuse your garbage bag for years!

Traditional kitchen trash bags are made out of plastic and it’s difficult to recycle them. These products are usually not biodegradable so when they’re thrown away and the plastic can take up space in a landfill for hundreds of years before breaking down.

Even worse is that these bags often get into our oceans and kill marine life because they don’t break down as other trash materials do.

Compostable trash bags, on the other hand, are completely biodegradable and will break down in a matter of months. These products can be disposed of easily by throwing them into your compost pile or garden.

Additionally, compostable bags decompose in the landfill so there’s less space taken up by waste.

How to choose the right type of compostable bag for your needs

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In order to choose the best compostable trash bag for your needs, you’ll want to think of the size and durability that works for you. For example, standard kitchen bags are usually 14 gallons. But for a large leaf or yard collection, you might want to buy 33 gallon-sized compostable trash bag instead.

There are waste bags for dog poop bags, office bins, and food scraps as well

Another factor when purchasing your waste bags is how durable they are. You may want something thinner if you want it to decompose in your compost pile, or something thicker if you’re sending it off to the landfill. Compostable tall kitchen trash bags come in several different thicknesses and this information can easily be found on the manufacturer’s website.

Make sure to read reviews to make sure you have an idea of how the product actually holds up in a variety of different circumstances and homes.

Tips on how to use, clean, and store compostable trash bags properly

Make sure to be careful when using your eco-friendly plastic trash bags because they may be made from thinner plastic than your average gallon bags.

You’ll want to pay attention when storing them in your kitchen so that they don’t get punctured by sharp objects.

Store your bags in a dry, dark place and avoid storing them near chemicals like bleach or ammonia. Try to use them within a year of purchase if possible.

Compostable vs. biodegradable trash bags

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Compostable bags are made from materials like corn and other natural products which means they’re 100% eco-friendly. They will break down in a matter of months when exposed to water and carbon dioxide so you don’t have to worry about them taking up space in the landfill, unlike plastic trash bags that can take years before breaking down.

Biodegradable bags are often made from materials like cornstarch and they will decompose in the landfill–although this process can take years. Although these bags take a longer time to break down, they are more durable for heavy trash loads and commercial use.

The main difference is that compostable trash bags are 100% biodegradable while biodegradable products may not be as durable or eco-friendly because they take a longer time to break down. Make sure to do your research so you know exactly what your bags are made of and how they interact with the environment.

When choosing your bags, you’ll want to use compostable bags for your compost bin. They also work well in the kitchen if they are thick enough. Biodegradable bags work perfectly for your kitchen garbage and will have good durability.

Can I Recycle Plastic Bags?

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No, even when you’re using biodegradable and compostable bags, you can’t recycle them. They interfere with the recycling process and can cause complications with waste disposal. Stick to a recycling bin or paper bags with your recycling.


In conclusion, there are many benefits of using compostable trash bags. They’re more durable and will break down faster which means they can be disposed of easily without having to worry about them taking up space in the landfill or how much time it takes for a bag to decompose. Compostable plastic bags also offer an eco-friendly alternative that doesn’t interfere with the recycling process.

When you make a choice to invest in these ASTM d6400 certified trash bags, you will have a big impact on the environment. Since single use plastic will harm the environment, it’s time for you to join the movement and use these eco-friendly bags.

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